eBay: ‘Very rare’ 50p coin selling for £1,500 – but why? Expert reveals word of advice

For those looking to browse coins online, it seems that eBay may be a popular place to go. That’s because a huge number of eBay users have listed 50p coins on the site as for sale in the past. Recently, a Beatrix Potter coin, released in 2016, was put up for sale. Branded “very rare” by its current owner, the seller – “waihla5” suggested a starting price of £1,500.

So, why is it that this coin has been listed with a price tag that’s 3000 times its face value?

The reason why the seller thinks this coin stands out in particular isn’t immediately clear.

That said, they have written in the description: “The 2016 coins are the rarest of the Peter Rabbit designs and feature an up-close portrait of the character’s face.

“Very good condition.”

This Peter Rabbit 50p design was released in 2016, and has a mintage of around 9,600,000.

The website Change Checker have suggested the circulating mintage is actually 9,700,000.

This includes what to look out for when buying a coin online.

He told Express.co.uk: “If they are selling a genuine coin they will be happy to help with extra info and details about the coin.

“Fake coins are often not the right weight or diameter, so asking the seller for these measurements is definitely worthwhile before you purchase.”

Matt also shared some insight into coin collecting in general, suggesting: “Always buy the best quality coins you can.

“A coin’s value comes from its rarity and condition – you can’t control rarity but you can control condition!”

source: express.co.uk