Our last live podcast from LA and E3. We give a lot of information on Bethesda and non-Bethesda games and answer all of your questions in this hour long podcast! #E32019 #E32019News #BethesdaNews #E3Podcast #GamingNews #KingFanMan

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  1. Ya know, it would have been amazing if someone told Todd & Pete & the Bethesda crew that needed a longer and more in depth beta for 76. Ya know, like all the fans, and tech pro's, and former dev's, and pretty much ANYONE WHO PLAYS VIDEO GAMES. Hearing him say that made me so danged mad. Like dude, get your pretentious, know-it-all, egotistical head out of your ass and admit you should have listened to what EVERYONE told you!

  2. I really enjoy this show , and after seeing the eso new chapter i am finally gonna jump back in , i originally got it on lunch for ps4 but at that time i could not keep up with the patches because of my limited data , but now i have a friend who has unlimited data at his house , so i am gonna re download it and play it alot , i would love to see some eso update videos from you , mabey tips idk just cool eso videos , but also i am gonna redownload fallout 76 when it gets npc , i could not get into it but npcs and dialogue choses is just what i nedded , so ill probably try it , do u know when the npc update will come ? But great video i hope yall had fun and have a safe trip home


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