Cyclone Vayu is set to cause widespread devastation after the huge storm formed on Monday. It will grow in strength over the next 36 hours after the India Meteorological Department warned the cyclone was “very likely” to move on to Mumbai and the Gujarat coast, reported. This will trigger torrential rain and flooding remains a risk across both India and Pakistan. Maximum wind speeds will hit 103mph (167km/h).

Weather service Windy also warned the storm will have a “huge impact” on India and that up to 6.6million people are in the firing line.

For tropical cyclones to creep into the Arabian Sea is considered rare.

The storm is expected to be the strongest to hit the region since 1998 and as a result of the impact it is likely to have, India’s air force has sent a C017 aircraft from New Delhi to Vijayawada.

It will fly 160 personnel to help affected regions.

News of the cyclone comes only a month after another, called Fani, smashed into India’s northeastern coastline.

Cyclone Fani was one of the strongest storms to approach India in recent memory and is in the direct path of 100 million people.

The barrelling storm emptied 12 inches of rain on the coast, where low-lying areas were at risk.

Officials evacuated one million people in preparation for landfall, and thousands were impacted by the fierce winds and heavy rains.

Cyclone Fani was located 205 nautical miles southwest of Kolkata on May 3.

The storm was classed as an ‘extremely severe cyclonic storm’ by forecasters.

The cyclone cut off power supplies and caused damage to even the most well-built homes.

Odisha Special Relief Commissioner Bishnupada Sethi told Reuters power lines and supplies were damaged as Fani made landfall.

Damage in India was classed as “excessive”, according to local officials.

The storm headed towards Kolkata – one of India’s most densely populated cities – before making its way to Bangladesh.



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