In this video we are playing ea sports nhl 19. We are going to be doing a full game review covering hockey ultimate team, hut, eashl, world of chel, draft champions, be a pro, franchise mode, nhl three, and the gameplay of nhl 19. #NHL19 #NHL #NHL19Review #Review

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  1. Great review. I need you to do reviews for other games too, I love your review model and you seem pretty unbiased/fair. If someone did a review for nba 2k like this, they wouldn’t get away with selling BS every year!

    Anyway, great job and thanks for the review!

  2. Too many modes
    Same old game
    I've always only played online team play.
    No franchise, no online player.
    Straight up 1vs1.
    As it should be.
    You shouldn't have a better online player because you spend more time in front of the tv.

  3. The reason NHL 19 and Madden are so far behind 2K is because every year EA feels like if the make changes to one mode and leave everything else the same it’s good enough while 2K and even MLB the Shoe fix issues in every mode and update the game way more often

  4. I used to play goalie all the time in nhl 12 and 13 because I loved that feeling of shutting down teams. But when I started playing nhl again I picked up a copy of nhl 17 and then 18 and I was heavily disappointed with what they did to the goalies. It seems like they made goalies pretty much immobile so new players trying out goalie won’t be out of position so much but they really take away from a dedicated goalie’s ability to shut down teams. It’s really unfair because they keep making the game faster and skaters still can pass the puck at light speed with the flick of a wrist. When the goalies are that slow and gameplay is that fast the person playing goalie has to guess a lot on where the puck is going because they know if they simply react then they won’t be able to contest the shot. It’s so noticeably bad that they must know but they don’t really care

  5. Give me back my old hybrid layout EA now. I dont want to get stripped of the puck and high stick the guy every time because that square button used to be poke check!
    Why cant I change my layout?
    Put the game on pc so people can fix it!
    I shouldn't complain, but I'm going to!

    Get those commentators out of here and give us some damned variety! I like Doc as a commentator, but I can hardly stand him and Eddie Olcyck anymore. That's another reason to put it on PC so modders can add in different commentary.

  6. I have to think EA tracks how many play each game mode and probably doesn't invest much time in the be a pro mode because probably 6% of purchasers invest a lot of time in the mode. Glitch goals will never be gone and yes the body checks is already frustrating as the computer defender is practically impossible to get around

  7. I was hoping for at least International jerseys to be added in the game but as i see Ea dont care about grabbing licenses for them, I mean in Football you got Fifa and Pes that have rivarly between their games and licenses but here? Nobody makes another hockey game so what is the issue to add the international jerseys, Ps : Game feels the same as NHL 18 not worth buying, il stick to Nhl 18.

  8. Did they fix offsides AI?
    I only play campaign modes and I've stopped buying the game annually because it's always the same thing… on the attack, my team mates don't seem to know what a blue line is for. It must be a seriously complex mechanic to add to the AI because year after year it's the same thing.
    Honestly, I think they're too busy putting their efforts into making EA NHL a pay-to-play card game. I'm out.

  9. Do yourself a favor and save your money! Garbage! Who has a enough time to input mortal combat moves for dekes? Poke check is a trip and stick lift is a high stick. AI plays like children and be a pro feels like a solo mission then a team sport.

  10. Windmills and onetouch dekes should go back to the way the were before 18 they got way worse when they added in all the new dekes(which i do like) but still i hate doing a windmill and my 90 deking rating guy loses the puck


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