Kevin Durant INJURED: Warriors star goes down again clutching right calf, exits the game

Durant had only just returned to team practice on Sunday, but made himself available for selection in Game 5 with the NBA championship on the line.

Steve Kerr included the 30-year-old in the starting line-up and immediately made his presence known.

He finished with 11 points in the first quarter, shooting three-for-three from three-point range.

Durant stayed in the line-up going into the second quarter and still looked good.

But then disaster struck two minutes into the quarter as the two-time NBA Finals MVP pulled up, once again clutching his injured right calf.

His face said it all as he sat on the floor clutching his right calf.

Raptors fans were clearly glad to see Durant hit the deck as they loudly cheered as he made his way off the court.

Toronto players such as Danny Green and Kyle Lowry were not happy with the home crowd for their reaction and quickly demanded they change their tune.


Durant had to be helped up off the court, with Andre Iguodala walking alongside Durant back to the locker room.