Love Island 2019: What happened last night?

Love Island 2019 is now in full swing as the cast approach the end of their first week in the villa. On last night’s Love Island (Sunday, June 9) on ITV2, the Islanders were joined by a new boy in the form of Danny Williams. Here’s what else happened in Sunday night’s Love Island.

What happened on Love Island 2019 last night?

Operation MMA is a go

Anton Danyluk decided to end his pursuit of Anna Vakili after she chose Sherif Lanre at the recoupling and, instead, focused his attention on Molly-Mae Hague.

There’s one problem: Molly-Mae is currently coupled up with pro boxer Tommy Fury.

However, in last night’s Love Island, Anton took it upon himself to let Tommy and Molly-Mae know about his intentions.

Anton told Tommy: “Obviously, I’m going to have chats with her all well, later on, you know that I respect you in that way.”

The 24-year-old then said to Molly-Mae: “Obviously, I’m just going to keep getting to know you.

“You’re the only girl in here that I’ve got an interest in, to have something more than a friendship. That’s how I feel.”


Molly-Mae seemed to reciprocate Anton’s feelings after feeling Tommy wasn’t quite setting spark alight.

The social media influencer said in the Beach Hut: “The boy [Anton] can’t do enough for me and I can see it’s genuine.

“That’s such a lovely thing. Whereas with Tommy, I do find him very attractive but he’s not as on the ball with how to woo a girl. He kind of takes the back seat.”

Molly-Mae’s scepticism over Tommy was only exacerbated further when the cast enjoyed a game of Jenga around the fire pit in the evening.

Tommy said his favourite thing about Molly-Mae was her cuddly toy – she failed to see the cute side.

Looks Operation MMA may be heading into its advances stages in the coming days.


New boy Danny treats Yewande

Yewande Biala’s time since entering the villa has been one very short of romance.

In fact, the scientist hasn’t openly expressed an interest in any of the boys so far.

New boy Danny, however, thought he could be the one to catch the eye of Yewande.

On his arrival, Danny was allowed to pick one of the girls to head on a date.

He opted for Yewande and her excitement at the news wasn’t exactly muted.

Yewande screamed in delight as she read the text aloud before the girls helped her get ready.

On the date, sparks flew with the pair’s chemistry evident for all to see.


Sherif opens up to Anna…finally

Sherif has been a relatively closed book with Anna so far this series.

Anna had mentioned numerous times how she struggled to even find him in the villa at times, let alone strike up a romantic relationship.

However, Sherif had upped his games over the past few days and continued to do so in last night’s Love Island.

Sherif said to Anna: “You’re smart, you’re intelligent and you haven’t really had your turned by any of these boys. That to me is attractive. I love that! Honestly, you have melted me a little bit.”

Anne found herself smitten with Sherif’s confession and responded: “Honestly, I never get shy. But I’m getting a bit shy!”

The pair shared a moment of passion on the terrace, enjoying a kiss and a cuddle before rejoining their fellow Islanders.

Love Island 2019 continues at 9pm on weeknights and Sundays on ITV2