Amazon Echo is FREE is this new deal as 15 new things to ask Alexa REVEALED

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is now free in this latest deal (Image: AMAZON)

The Amazon Echo continues to be one of the most popular smart speakers on the market.

This intelligent music maker was first revealed back in 2014 and it’s gone on to sell millions across the globe.

Powered by the Alexa smart assistant, this device can answer questions, play music, set timers, check the weather and even switch on your lights via simple commands.

It usually costs around £89 to buy an Echo but a new deal is currently offering one without paying a penny.

BT has just launched the free Echo gift as part of its broadband bundles with customers getting this speaker when they sign up.

The offer is available on three of its packages which include Superfast Fibre Essential (average speeds of 36Mbps), Superfast Fibre (average speeds of 50Mbps) and Superfast Fibre 2 (average speeds of 67Mbps).

Prices for the bundles start from £31.99 per month for the Essential plan and rise to £39.99 per month for the much faster Fibre 2 service.

It’s worth noting that the Amazon Echo isn’t the only gift that is available as part of the offer.

BT is also giving customers the chance to get a pair of JBL 650 Live headphones or a Samsung Tab A as part of the promotion.

Amazon Echo deal

Amazon Echo deal (Image: AMAZON)

If you opt for Superfast Fibre of Fibre 2 then there’s also the offer of a free reward card worth up to £70.


All of BT’s bundles include the Stay Fast Guarantee, unlimited monthly usage a Smart Hub router and the promise of no broadband price rises in 2019.

It is worth noting, however, that you will need to sign up to an 18-month contract so make sure the deal is right for you before hitting the ‘buy’ button.

It’s not just BT giving Echo fans the chance to get a bargain on this smart speaker as Amazon still has its own offer available on this speaker.

The Echo Dot is currently available for just 99p when subscribing to Amazon Music’s Family Plan.

Amazon Echo deal

Amazon Echo deal (Image: AMAZON)

This subscription costs £14.99 per month but does allow up to six people to listen to music at the same time.

Amazon also boasts that there are over 50 million tracks available on its service which can all be streamed straight to devices including the Echo.


If you decide to take BT up on this deal or already own an Echo here’s some new things to ask Alexa.

Alexa, play the Weekly One from Amazon Music.”
Discover one great song each week from a new artist.

Alexa, give me a photography recommendation.”

Alexa, are you friends with the Queen?”

Alexa, play Radio X.”

Alexa, what free audiobooks are available this month?”
Enjoy a range of free audiobooks to listen to every month. Whether you’re relaxing at home or just looking for something to sink into while you drift off to sleep, just ask Alexa what’s free from Audible.

Alexa, wingardium leviosa.”

Alexa, give me a cheese fact.”

Alexa, open Rain on a Tent.”

Alexa, open Beat the Intro.”
With this music game, guess the song title and artist, and learn something new every day along the way.

Alexa, who let the dogs out?”

Alexa, give me a biology fact.”

Amazon Echo deal

Amazon Echo deal (Image: AMAZON)

Alexa, open Popcorn Quiz.”

Alexa, turn on the coffee machine.”
Add voice control with Alexa to your basic appliances with Amazon Smart Plug.

Alexa, quiz me on Disney Princesses.”

Alexa, what’s your favourite number?”

Alexa, open Animal Rescue.”
Kid Skills are off by default. To turn them on, go into your Alexa app > Settings > Alexa Account > Kid Skills. Learn more.