Iran SIX MONTHS from NUCLEAR WEAPONS: Major warning to Israel

Tehran is on schedule to develop nukes before the end of 2019, as completion to its weapons programme is expected within the next six to eight months. Olli Heinonen, former deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has highlighted Israel as the nation most vulnerable to the increased threat of Tehran. Tensions between Israel and Iran continue to escalate due to Tehran’s presence in war-torn Syria.

Tehran has militarily backed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the country’s civil war.

Mr Heinonen told Israel’s Army Radio: “Israelis need to be worried, and the Gulf states also have reason for concern.”

He added: “How will you be able to ensure your security if Iran achieves nuclear abilities?”

Iran has stepped up its nuclear weapons programme ever since US President Donald Trump pulled out of the landmark 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

The treated aimed to curb Tehran’s nuclear programme in return for lifting sanctions.

Meanwhile earlier this month Washington increased the economic sanctions and ordered all countries to halt imports of Iranian oil.

The US also hinted at military confrontation, sending extra forces to the region to counter what it describes as Iranian threats.

However during his three-day state visit to the UK Mr Trump ignited the prospect of warfare with Iran insisting it was once the number one terrorist nation.

The US President told ITV: “So Iran is a place that was extremely hostile when I first came into office.

“They were a terrorist nation number one in the world at that time and probably maybe are today.”

Mr Trump also opened the door for talks with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani but maintained there is “always a chance” of military action.

When asked if he thought he would need to take military action, he said: “There’s always a chance. Do I want to? No. I’d rather not. But there’s always a chance.”

On potential talks with Mr Rouhani, Mr Trump said: “Yeah of course. I would much rather talk.”