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We’ve all been there — you go to a new restaurant and are struck with indecision. What if the meal you order turns out to be the worst thing on the menu?

Google Maps has a new feature that helps you decide what to eat. It shows you popular dishes based on what other people like. If you’ve ever swiped through Yelp photos trying to decide what looks good, this is like that. However, unless you have an Android, you won’t see the new feature for a couple of months — sorry, iPhone ($1,000 at Amazon) owners!

The feature is also rolling out to index restaurants, with new restaurants being added every day.

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Google Maps can help you find a dish you may like. 


Find the perfect meal

1. First, download Google Maps if you don’t already have it. (It comes preinstalled in Android phones.)

2. Type the restaurant name into the search bar.

3. Tap on the restaurant when you find it.

4. You have two options here:

  • You can tap on Menu and see a list of all the popular dishes others have posted.
  • Or, you can scroll down on the first page until you see the popular dishes and tap See more.

5. A list of food options will appear. You can go through and read what others have written about the dish.

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Use Google Lens when it’s available

Once this feature becomes available, you’ll be able to use the Dining Filter on your phone. You’ll point your phone at a restaurant and the popular dishes will appear for you.