Join the hunt for Patrón in this all-vs-one game from publisher CMON Limited.

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  1. So in a five player game, four people get three turns the whole game? Am I understanding that right?

    And the fifth gets 12?

    Edit: I realize the comment of being best with 2 takes care of that, but it would almost have been better if they didn't even mention 4 or 5 players…

  2. Hi Zee, Great job on the review. I appreciate that you took the elements of the game (mechanisms, etc) and made your decision for approval of the game based on those things. Yes the content might be adult in nature, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the gameplay itself is bad. Looks like something I might need to check out.

  3. American idiocy at its finest – curse words are only okay if they aren't in English Pepega. (To be clear, I like more adult things and more curse words in gaming as it feels more authentic in heavily themed games)

  4. Good review Zee! I’ve played it a few times and love it as a fan of the show. Also enjoy it being a unique spin on hidden movement… cause the one hiding doesn’t move. Very tense experience playing Pablo especially when the net tightens around you. But yes this is strictly a 2 or 3 player game for me.

  5. It is odd to have a game with such a heavy theme, particularly such a contemporary theme in that the cartel killed many innocent Colombians who had nothing to do with drug smuggling. The cartel blew up buildings, killed police officers, journalists, politicians, and innocent bystanders. That is like having 9-11 board game. People would be up in arms if that happened. But maybe it is hypocrisy on my part for enjoying movies and TV series with such subject matter.

  6. Thanks for the very detailed review, Zee. You are spot on when you say we favoured the thematic. As someone who is working on IPs lately (Narcos, God of War and Trudvang) I really value respecting the source material and trying to translate it as best as possible to the boardgame landscape. Mechanically, we are really proud of Narcos in the sense of finding a new angle to approach the hidden movement as opposed to the usual "keep running" that makes the player who is alone have less wiggle room to be creative.


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