Trump BACKS North Korea as he endorses ATTACK on Biden in ‘dictator’ row – 'Imbecile!'

Trump claimed Mr Biden, who was vice-president under Barack Obama, was a “low IQ individual” after he called the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a dictator. North Korea responded by calling Mr Biden an “imbecile”. Speaking while on his visit to Japan, Trump said: “Well, Kim Jong Un made a statement that Joe Biden is a low IQ individual.

“He probably is, based on his record.

“I think I agree with him on that.”

Mr Biden has been a continual target for Trump, who has ramped up his campaign as he bids to continue as President in next year’s election.

He broke US protocol by sending demeaning tweets about Mr Biden while in Japan.

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US Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Democratic presidential hopeful, tweeted: “Backing ruthless dictators over our allies in the region?

“This does not show American strength: Still angling for a deal, Trump backs Kim Jong Un over Biden, Bolton and Japan.”

Pete Buttigieg, a Democratic candidate for president and Navy veteran, added: “Kim Jong Un is a murderous dictator and Vice President Biden served this country honorably.

“It’s just one more example, though, of the way that this president tries to draw attention to himself by saying things that shock the conscience.”

Trump has sought to build a strong relationship with the North Korean leader in the hope that North Korea would agree to denuclearize.

Trump also knocked Biden and former President Obama on Monday for their efforts to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

Trump pulled the US out of a nuclear deal Iran sealed with Washington and other foreign powers.

He added: ”Joe Biden was a disaster, his administration with President Obama, they were basically a disaster when it came to so many things, whether it was economy, whether it was military, they had a lot of problems.”