Sebastian Vettel CRASHES into Monaco Grand Prix wall as Leclerc under investigation

To make matters worse for Ferrari, Charles Leclerc is also under investigation for speeding under a red flag, which could lead to a grid penalty.

Fortunately for Vettel, the damage his car sustained should be fixed in time for qualifying.

The German moved over for Lewis Hamilton, who was on a flying lap, but then slammed his car into the wall at Ste Devote.

Vettel’s tyre locked up as he attempted to turn and his front-left wheel came off the car as he hit the wall.

“My front left’s gone,” Vettel said over the team radio.

But Sky Sports F1 pundit Johnny Herbert blamed the four-time world champion for the error.

“You’re going to be a bit disgusted with yourself for having made a mistake like that,” he said.

A recovery truck was called to lift the Ferrari off the track as Vettel walked back to the garage.

But as that was all unfolding, Leclerc apparently sped under a red flag and he will be investigated by the safety stewards.

Speeding under a red flag can incur grid penalties which will only add to the Italian side’s woes.

“The body language in the Ferrari garage certainly isn’t one of happiness,” said fellow pundit Karun Chandhok.

Meanwhile, Vettel’s car has a special message for the late Niki Lauda this weekend and he paid tribute to the former Mercedes chief, who passed away earlier this week.

“There’s a lot of people that are not the way you see them on television and I think they are growing in numbers quickly, but Niki was not one of them,” Vettel said.

“He was who he was and never pretended to be anything for anybody else.

“I think sometimes people were not thinking he was telling the truth even though he was. Very outspoken. A true character, a true racer, and passionate for the sport. A lot of things that people respect about him.

“For sure he’s leaving a big gap that we won’t be able to fill.”