Carol Kirkwood, 56, regularly delivers the latest weather forecasts on BBC Breakfast and has been a firm fixture on the show since 1999. The BBC favourite has since taken to Twitter to dispel the claims she has any plans to leave the BBC show after she was asked by a social media user about an advertisement which suggested she was leaving the show to promote diet pills. The person in question asked: “Are you leaving or is this a hoax?” Carol replied in view of her 155,000 followers: “It is rubbish.”

It comes after BBC Breakfast uploaded a clip of the weather star to the micro-blogging site, which was captioned: “Fake adverts using Carol Kirkwood’s face are being posted online.”

The morning show highlighted the issue during a live broadcast which aired yesterday.

Television host and co-star Dan Walker, 42, also came to the forecaster’s defence, writing: “Well done for speaking out @carolkirkwood #UtterGarbage.”

Meanwhile, Carol was called out by her co-star Matt Taylor on Twitter earlier this week, as he responded to an early morning message she had shared.

The small-screen star had initially taken to the micro-blogging site and praised the teachers within the Department of Education for receiving their Gold Awards at Buckingham Palace, before her colleague cheekily jibed the star.

The meteorologist revealed her body clock was on full alert as she admitted she’d “been awake for hours” despite not being in work, before Matt urged her to join him.

Carol wrote: “Congratulations to ALL the amazing @DofE Gold Award winners at Buckingham Palace yesterday. Such a joy to meet you (and your parents and teachers). Honoured to be invited along.”

The tweet prompted Matt to reply, saying: “You’re up!!! Get in here!!!”

Carol was certainly humoured by the comment, as she responded: “I want to be fast asleep… but my body clock is telling me otherwise! Been awake for hours!”

The TV veteran is currently off for the rest of the week from her weather duties as Matt steps in until Bank Holiday Monday.

He is also a regular weather forecaster on BBC Breakfast, mainly at the weekends and often forecasts for Radio 4’s Today show.

Elsewhere, the BBC favourite seemingly appears to be looking forward to her short break as she told viewers to enjoy the long weekend.

Carol wrote: “Have a lovely weekend.”

Fans flocked to wish her well, as one person said: “Have a good weekend Carol from a sunny North East.”

Another person added: “Hope you have a great weekend Carol. Best wishes.”

BBC Breakfast continues tomorrow on BBC One at 6.00am.



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