Season five of Lucifer could happen if enough fans watch the show following its debut on Netflix earlier this month. Lucifer season four finished with an open-ended storyline that could see the show go in any direction. If the show does return, there will be some big questions about the direction of the story.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers form Lucifer season 4

Season four of Lucifer finished on a devastating note with the Devil (played by Tom Ellis) making the tough decision to return to Hell.

Despite protests from LAPD detective and love interest Chloe Decker (Lauren German), Lucifer departed from the world.

The closing shot of season four saw Lucifer sat in the middle of Hell on his throne as he looked down upon his kingdom.

If season five does get the get go-ahead, there are questions over whether Lucifer will return from Hell and how.


But another thing to consider is when Lucifer might make a comeback with a time jump possible.

Lucifer made the decision to leave LA because his continued absence from Hell was leading his subjects to become restless and look for a new king to rule over them.

The demon Dromos (Graham McTavish) was summoned to Earth by Eve (Inbar Lavi) and brought more hellish residents with him to make mischief.

He was able to quell Dromos and his minions but it was part of Lucifer’s reasoning for returning to his domain.

A time jump would make sense – Lucifer spending a certain amount of time in Hell to re-establish his authority over the demons before going back to LA could work.


However, this would beg the question of how much time Lucifer would spend in Hell before going back?

Also, how does an eternity in Hell work in terms of time? Perhaps only remaining in Hell for a year would feel like mere moments and have no effect on his subjects.

Lucifer would probably have to spend a significant amount of time in Hell to maintain order and control, which could be something like a 1,000 years before going back.

If this was the case, all of Lucifer’s friends on Earth would have died by this point and his return would be fruitless.

Then again, if the writers did decide to take this route, the whole cast apart from Ellis could be revamped to fit the new story.


Fans are going to have to wait and see how the story pans out but Lucifer showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich have already revealed they’ve got some ideas for season five.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Henderson said: “We have a lot of exciting ways, and one way in particular, to do it that launches an awesome, awesome season 5.”

He continued: “We did spend some time digging into what we think can be season 5. We even have the first scene [of season 5], which is one of my favorite things we’ve ever come up with [laughs].”

While Modrovich added: “We really try to ping it in a completely different direction.”

Their words suggest we could get a radically different show if Lucifer does make a return.

Lucifer season 4 is available to watch on Netflix now

Lucifer seasons 1 – 3 are available to watch on Amazon Prime

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