The end of the world will strike from above after signs in the heavens and the Earth warn of God’s retribution. In the Bible’s New Testament, the end of the world was prophesied by Jesus Christ who told his disciples of the signs to look out for. Jesus warned of “wars and rumours of wars” when the end times approach, urging his followers to prepare. And some of these signs or “end time harbingers” could already be here if devout doomsday preachers in America are to be believed.

Pastor Paul Begley of West Lafayette in Indiana, US, is one of the main purveyors of the end times theory.

In pastor Begley’s opinion, humanity is already living on the brink of heavenly destruction, and the signs are here to prove it.

Speaking during a televised broadcast, the firebrand evangelist said: “Wars and rumours of wars will intensify. They will get worse and worse.

“And right now, I know we’ve had World War Two, since then there’s been lots of wars and rumours of wars.

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“Small conflicts – we call them conflicts and whatever – but folks we haven’t had a major world war where people try to annihilate one another, and that is coming. You can see it on the horizon.”

Pastor Begley cited passages from the Bible, which spoke of doomsday prophecies.

In Matthew 24:6, Jesus warned of “wars and rumours of wars” and in Matthew 24:4-5, the Christian Messiah warned of false prophets bearing his name.

Past Begley said: “One of the first harbingers of the last days will be false Christ and false prophets.

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“False Christ has been happening, we’ve seen several. As I speak there’s a guy in Russia called Jesus of Siberia.

“He has thousands of people and looks like the paintings of Jesus, and people bow before him, and he touches them, and he has an aura about him and following.

“But his doctrine, of course, is something outside of scriptures and obviously he’s not Jesus Christ.”

After that, Pastor Begley warned of earthquakes, famous and pestilences spreading across the globe.

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The preacher argued there is a methodical logic to how these plagues and natural disasters unfold before the apocalypse.

And Pastor Begley warned of a “beginning of sorrows” – another prophetic sign of the end days.

In total, seven apocalyptic harbingers will present themselves in the heavens and on Earth and culminate with the arrival of the Antichrist or the “desolation of nations”.

However, Pastor Begley said: “There’s no timeframe. You can only judge biblical timeframe based on apocalyptic events that match the scriptures.”



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