Chelsea Flower Show 2019 expert reveals the BEST way to add value to your property

From tending to window boxes in city apartments to manicuring acres of lawn in the rural countryside, there’s a whole host of ways to garden. With options aplenty for even the smallest of gardens, the home you live in needn’t halt your chances of gardening. This week especially, will see many celebrate the wonders of the great outdoors, as Chelsea Flower Show 2019 gets underway. And, if you feel particularly inspired to head outdoors and into your garden, gardening expert Carol Klein has plenty of tips.

Another top tip was to opt against dotting lots of plants from the garden centre in random spots, with Carol explaining: “It’ll just look incredibly artificial.

Instead, she recommended focusing on some particular sections of the outdoor space.

“Maybe concentrate on spots, a few pieces of it, and containers are always a great idea, because then you can go to tend things that are looking good right at that moment – because you’re usually putting your property on the market over a month or so, aren’t you?”

Carol explained that her youngest daughter’s garden has recently undergone a transformation.

“We’ve tidied it up a lot, put a little path in so you can actually see what’s there, and we’ve just started putting a load of perennial plants in there.”

Other small actions which could make a huge amount of difference include sweeping paths, and ensuring that everything is “reasonably crisp and clipped”.

For those with restricted outdoor space, such as a small courtyard, “pots are your answer,” Carol advised.

“And, if you’ve got none of that and it’s all indoors, then still, I think it’s important to have a few pot plants about.”

For novices looking to grow their gardening experience, Carol shared some tips on how to get started.

“Even if you haven’t got a garden, if you’ve only got a balcony or a window box, there are going to be loads of ideas of things you could do,” she said.

Referring to the upcoming Chelsea Flower Show, she continued: “There are going to be masses and masses of items – I’ll be doing quite a few of them that are based in the marquee. And they’ll be talking about plants in different situations.

“My first bit of advice would just be, have a look at what you’ve got. Is it sunny? Is it dry? Is it under trees? Try and choose plants that are going to love living there.

“So, rather than going for things that might be quite flashy, or [will] catch your eye immediately, just try and learn about [the plants].”

Carol also directed beginners in the gardening world to seek advice from different platforms – including on social media.

“Find out about plants. Find out about what you’ve got. Do it by visiting the Chelsea Flower Show either in person or through us. You can do it by going on Twitter, by looking at Instagram. There are loads and loads of things there. There are lots of places where people blog, and you can ask questions and find out stuff.

“I’d say, don’t be too ambitious. Just try and do something that you can cope with, and then just build on that year on year.”

Speaking of how gardeners should focus on the growing itself, she added: “It’s a process, rather than a product.”

Watch the BBC’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show coverage on BBC One and BBC Two this week.