Iran-US relations on KNIFE EDGE as Tehran accuses Trump of ‘propaganda WARFARE’

Recently, the two countries have been exchanging threats as relations between the US and the Islamic Republic continue to falter. On Thursday, Iran’s spokesperson for the UN accused Trump of waging a “propaganda warfare” to increase tensions with the state. Alireza Miryousefi also accused the US of using “fake intelligence” against the Persian Gulf nation in an incendiary statement.

Speaking on the recent developments between the two countries over the last few weeks, Mr Miryousefi said: “This is just the latest escalation in the propaganda warfare the US waged against Iran, using ‘fake intelligence’ perhaps hoping to initiate a conflict.

“Iran is no threat to anybody in Iraq or elsewhere, and Iran is not preparing for any attacks anywhere.

“Iran, as is evidenced by our history, only acts in self-defence, and has no offensive strategy against any nation.

“Iranians will not capitulate to this new psychological war.”

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This week, the US military placed its forces in the region on high alert amid fears of an “imminent threat”.

The US has already removed personnel from its embassy in Baghdad and consulate in Iraqi Kurdistan out of fear of attacks by Iranian-backed Shia militias.

The move to increase the threat level was also shared by the UK on Thursday.

Recently, Iran has also warned the US that although it does not want a conflict, it will defend itself at all costs.

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Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said on Thursday: “Iran does not seek tension in the region, but Tehran will defend its rights powerfully.”

Iran’s comments have come in response to Trump’s fiery comments where he warned that he could send a mass of troops to the region.

Furthermore, Trump’s National Security Advisor also announced the deployment of a strike force in the region.

Mr Bolton stated that any threat on the US or its allies would be “will be met with unrelenting force”.