Trump thinks he’s above the law and a KING says President's biographer in BRUTAL attack

In a scathing attack, Michael D’Antonio insisted Trump was raised to believe that he is a “king” and is “genetically superior”. Mr D’Atonio’s astonishing attack comes as House Judiciary Chair, Jerry Nadler made the claim Trump thinks he does as he wishes. Mr D’Atonio wrote a biography on Trump and on the Don Lemon show on Wednesday night he put together a series of bold claims against the President.

When asked if Trump believes he’s above the law, Mr D’Antonio said: “Well, he was raised to think that.

“The president’s father would repeat to him when he was growing up, ‘You’re a killer, you’re a king.’

“So this idea of some people being elevated, some people being above all others, in this case above the law, I don’t think is foreign to him.

“I think it feels natural.

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“He’s someone who believes in genetic superiority.

“He told me, ‘I don’t respect most people because they’re not worthy of respect.’”

Mr D’Atonio’s scathing comments come in the wake of a battle between the White House and the Democrats.

The Democrats have requested a document for its investigation into the possibility of obstruction of justice by the President and those around him.

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So far, that request has been denied which has led to a war of words between Democrat officials and the White House.

The CNN journalist added: “Why would he respect the separation of powers, checks and balances, any system that’s inconvenient for him.”

Although the Democrats are continuing to investigate and have made some fairly incendiary remarks on Trump, the President did come through the Mueller report unscathed.

While the findings didn’t put Trump in the best light, it also failed to find him guilty of any criminal links between his campaign and the Kremlin.