Forget the Amazon Echo and Google Home – The ultimate smart speaker is coming soon

With their low prices and clever smart features, it’s easy to see why the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices have become so popular.

These speakers continue to lead the way with both able to answer questions, play music and perform numerous smart home tasks via simple voice commands.

However, a new update to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam could now make these the ultimate smart speakers.

This award-winning devices already include access to Amazon’s Alexa assistant but it was revealed last week that the Google Assistant is also being introduced in the US via a software update.

Now it’s been confirmed that this huge upgrade is launching in other areas across the world including the UK.

Once available it will mean owners of these devices will get access to both Amazon and Google’s assistants which should offer a much-improved experience.

In a statement, Sonos said: “The Google Assistant is available starting today on Sonos via a free software update.

“Together with Google, we’ve brought the best of the Google Assistant to Sonos’ sound experience – integrating the Assistant across our ecosystem of products and partners to deliver a seamless experience for listeners on Sonos.

“Now with the Google Assistant, Sonos is the first to bring multiple voice assistants to the same sound system, demonstrating the power of an open, multi-partner platform that prioritises choice for customers.”

If you own a Sonos One or Sonos Beam, you’ll soon be able to use voice with the Google Assistant to easily start a song, queue a TV show, control smart home devices, and get updates about your day including calendar events and traffic delays.

Sonos says that this major update will be available in the United States first with support in the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, France, and The Netherlands coming in July with additional countries to follow.

This blockbuster upgrade comes just a week after Google announced its new all-screen smart speaker.

Called the Nest Hub Max, this device packs all the usual intelligent, voice-controlled, features but now also includes a large 10-inch screen and in-built camera.

This means video calls can be made, YouTube videos watched and you can even use the device as a Nest Cam for added security in your home.

There’s also a function called Face Match that allows the Nest Hub Max to identify specific users and show personalised content accordingly.

The Nest Hub Max will go on sale in the summer and costs £219.