Full expanded written review – https://gaminglyf.com/reviews/2019-04-11-outward-review-the-survival-rpg-with-a-whole-lot-of-soul/

Game provided by publisher for review
Reviewed on – Xbox One X

Music by Jean-Francois Racine – Outward OST – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJpG4djfvxw

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  1. This game would be awesome if you had double the health. Each battle gives you about 4-5 hits you can take before you die and its just too rough if you aren't really good at combat. The death penalty is pretty brutal as well considering you usually have to run back to where you were and use resources to recoup your stats. Overall, its a great game.

  2. My game of the year. We have multiple family members playing coop together both in split screen and online. Absolutely awesome environmental story telling.

  3. Really hope a they or another larger studio (hopefully with them) get to make a more ambitious game with this concept of no hand holding BS, you're not a GOD, and hopefully a lot more crafting, interesting npc's and storylines (akin to witcher), such a game would be a dream come true.

    Understandably this feels a little underwhelming for the price asked, but it was developed by like 2 people or something?

    But for what it offers I do feel the price is a little off, a consumer in the end cares about value for their money and this is AT MOST a 30€ game, and personally I feel like it would had been better at 20€.

    I do hope to see more of this concept, hence I support them in this endeavor.

  4. you forgot to mention that if you don't have a house for storage you will lose all your silver due to deaths and the kind people that rob you when you spawn away from the place you died take it from someone who didn't have the house as I could not make 150 I had to pay 300 124 days it took to get 300 with no house storage brutal start to the game for me but once you figure out what your doing you gather all your gear and get some vengeance

  5. Wasn't sure on the $60 AUD on Steam, so found "another source of playing."

    Really enjoying it so far, the combat system doesn't take long to learn, and the movement isn't as janky as Dark Souls… although $60 is just too much for a potentially risky buy. This game definitely isn't for everybody, and it takes a bit more than 2 hour to get into (at which point you risk voiding Steam's refund policy).

    I think I'll end up buying it on Steam if I can get a few more hours of enjoyment out of it. I'm roughly 3-4 hours in, but have heard the gameplay changes a bit and can get slightly frustrating. See how we go.

  6. I've always enjoyed games with rpg elements but never really played a real rpg(unless you count skyrim and fallout rpg games but I dont) and i got to say i really enjoyed this games. I love that its difficult and frustrating at times and I like the fact that it feels like I can actually do whatever I want. So i told my gf to try it and she loved it so we are always playing this game now.

  7. Had 30 travel rations… Got ambushed… Lost rations. Can't go back to the other map where my resource are in. Had to sell fishes to buy salts and make rations again. 10/10 will fight things again

  8. The interaction of the spike trap on the bridge at 8:30 is part of the absolute beauty of this game. The moment of "oh no… What happened? Im dying…" And handing your friend a bandage to save his life. So much fun. ( this didnt end so well for a friend and myself as neither of us had any bandages and i just got to watch him bleed to death and crumple to the ground, then restarted the game cuz we didnt realize we could ressurect eachother. Lol)

  9. I've played the game for quite a while and to be honest, it did not gave me a feeling of adventure. The maps are empty with uninteresting geography, simple placement of enemies and without any interesting landmarks off in the distance to interest you of distancing you from the normal road/path.
    I love the survival mechanics such as fishing, choice of clothing for certain weather conditions and weight management, but I feel like the rest has been neglected, such as AI behaviour during the night, AI behaviour amongst each other and AI interaction with the player.

    I feel like the entire journey across the land should be varied from exciting fights with monsters, each behaving far different from others, but having the enviroment interesting between fights. For me personally it fails in both aspects.
    Put the survival mechanics in a game as varied as the witcher 3, with the magic variation and bow gameplay of TES Skyrim and you'll have a survival game which I believe to be highly succesful.
    I knoe this game is made by a small team, but that shouldn't be an excuse for bringing out a game explained in above for half the price of a triple A title.

  10. I love this game and I hope to see more like it in the future. Hopefully there will be a sequel. I'd date it a little higher because I don't mind it's dated graphics. You can play a game with the best ever graphics and still have a crap game. I'd rather have a fun, interesting game like this one. I don't mind the lack of fast traveling. It adds to the immersion of the game. I also like the effects of weather. It's possible to over beat and did in the dessert or get cold and get sick from exposure. This game also rewards those that prepare for encounters. If you go into a tough battle I'll prepared it may cost you dearly. Going into the same encounter with the proper preparation will make things much easier.

  11. i think what bores people about this game is the fact that they are spoiled playing games that cater to snowflakes and pussies. no fast travel? awwww poor you. you are forced to use a torch in the winter time.. why? because im tired of getting a god damn cold.! need to rest because you are tired. you have to block! omg whats blocking???? you can spend 2 hours in a mini dungeon getting 2 of the best weapons in the game ( face of ancients cave, mace and dagger) and then spend another 10min running/walking to town. this game has so much to offer. hell some of the secrets that are still being found.. Main town, fish statue, 15:50-1600, examine, free shark pet… who thinks of this shit???? this game is great!

  12. Im seriously shocked that nobody has mentioned the bugs and exploits. This games fucking super broken. I've been trying to play it since it came out, and its been a dysfunctional mess. Losing your bag is just the tip of the iceberg. You can't load a past save, and if you encounter a bug on your OG game? You're fucked. When I load into my friends game via multiplayer coop, not splitscreen, I see enemies that dont react because they arent there (in host player game). When i run through areas, I see enemies doing some weird rocket down from the sky type shit. Its so, so frustrating. I've barely put 50 hours in and its like this, so I'm throwing in the towel before I invest my time into it, and another game breaking bug gets me.

    Ps if you want to reloot, if your enemy doesn't spaghetti man away after death and glitch into a wall, just go into a cave or near location and go back to the area with the creature you wanna reloot. Im glad people are enjoying it, but for $50 I expected more, and I expected it to at least be functional. 3/10 due to game breaking bugs, exploits, and walking simulator bullshit


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