NBA Draft Lottery: Knicks sent 'GUARANTEE' to land No 1 pick for Zion Williamson

The long wait for the NBA Draft Lottery is finally over this evening, with every team hoping to land the No 1 pick.

The Zion Williamson sweepstakes reached overdrive with the teenage sensation rising to stardom during his one and only season in college basketball with Duke.

He has earned high praise from current and former NBA stars for his explosive and unique athletic ability.

But in the new tweaked NBA Draft Lottery, teams with the worst regular season record have less of a chance at landing the No 1 pick.

Under the old format, the Knicks would have had a 25 per cent chance at winning the lottery.

However, they now share a 14 per cent chance with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Phoenix suns at doing so, and could drop as low as fifth.

The Draft Lottery could have huge ramifications in what the Knicks do in the offseason this summer in regards to trades and free agency.

However, Jefferson has gone out on a limb and insisted the Knicks WILL win the 2019 lottery.

“I guarantee the Knicks will get the No 1 pick in the draft,” he said on ESPN’s The Jump.

“If the Knicks don’t get the No 1 pick, anybody name the bet then I’ll take it.

“Knick fans, I’m telling you. You guys set up the party, get everything going, start buying the jerseys.

“You guys are going to get Zion Williamson.

“If this does not work out, I don’t want to hear any more complaining for the next 20 years.”

Jefferson’s comments were met with laughter from Jorge Sedano and Ramona Shelburne, who mocked Jefferson for “trolling” the Knicks fanbase.