Star Wars 9 Rise of Skywalker leaks: 'Han Solo and Kylo Ren film DEVASTATING scene'

Is it possible Kylo Ren could be any more tortured? Well, yes. Currently, he is the only known remaining Skywalker, even if he does not choose to use that name but it is his birth name that will come back to haunt him. Quite literally. The man formerly known as Ben Solo must face what he did to his own father on Starkiller Base if he is to have any hope of redemption. Fans may protest, but Anakin fell just as far and committed even more atrocities over a much greater period of time, yet he still found his way back to the light. A crucial leaked scene describes how Kylo can begin to do the same.

It obviously goes without saying that leaks must be taken with enormous caution. A leak last year turns out to have accurately described almost all of the Avengers Endgame key final scenes, but many more are simply a mix of speculation and wish fulfilment.

The new leak says: “One scene that is planned to be shot as part of reshoots includes a sequence that is said to include Harrison Ford as Han Solo. Harrison Ford will step in as Han into Kylo Ren’s throne room in a flashback sequence where Kylo Ren is sitting on his throne with Vader’s helmet on the armrest. 

Kylo Ren is said to have a moment alone only to hear the distant voice of his father that causes him to step up and turn around and face the figure of his father through a large window that looks out to blank space.”

“It is said Harrison Ford will be wearing the same outfit as the end of The Force Awakens and will provide new dialogue that is faced around family and an apology for neglecting his own son.

“It is said there is a twist that the Force Ghost of Luke Skywalker is initiating these visions of Han Solo in Kylo Ren’s mind. It is unclear if Adam Driver will be back for reshoots of if Harrison Ford will just be used for pick up at his end. These scenes were added into the script during the rewrites in December.”

This would be undeniably powerful and hugely emotional for fans and the characters on screen.

But there are some major issues with the idea.

Most importantly, why would Ford come back? He made it very clear from the start he did not want an ongoing involvement and many suspect he pushed for Han’s exit in Episode 7. 

Also, a force ghost creating an illusion of another dead character just sounds rather complicated and muddled. Much more effective (and likely) will be an appearance from Anakin/Vader as a Force ghost to speak directly to his grandson from his own personal and painful experience of a similar path.