Meghan Markle ‘not confident’ after birth of Archie as Harry held baby Sussex in interview

The Duke and Duchess presented their newborn to the world before revealing his name later that day. However, Meghan appeared nervous as she stood behind Harry and touched her hair repeatedly through the two-minute interview. Body language expert Judi James said the Duchess showed repeated signs that she wasn’t confident in front of the camera.

“But at the end, she gave us that real encompassing hand on Harry’s shoulder.

“So I imagine Harry is getting a lot of approval for being such a great hands-on dad.”

The expert also commented on Harry’s response to presenting Archie to the press.

Ms James said: “Harry looked very calm holding the baby.

“He was using reassuring comfort, little rubs and pats on the baby.

However, she remarked Harry had been “tense” about the birth.

She added: “We thought that he was tense about the birth of the baby.

“The evidence was there when you got the close up of his fingers, you could see that he chewed the skin around his fingernails.”