John Bolton, White House national security adviser, confirmed that the US was deploying the additional forces, which include B-52 bombers. He added that the deployment would have a carrier strike group and bomber task force heading to the Middle East. Captain Bill Urban, a spokesman for US Central Command, said the bomber task force would consist of B-52 bombers.

Sources claim that four would be deployed, but that this number could change.

The US has consistently ensured that it has a bomber presence in the region.

B-1 bombers were there as recently as last month.

Captain Urban added: “US Central Command continues to track a number of credible threat streams emanating from the regime in Iran throughout the CENTCOM area of responsibility.”

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Iran’s top security body dismissed the US plan to send forces to the region as “psychological warfare.”

The latest developments come after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Iraq that Tehran was planning “imminent” attacks.

Iraq’s prime minister Abel Abdul Mahdi vowed US forces would be safe from Iran during crunch talks in Baghdad on Tuesday.

The visit came two days after US national security adviser John Bolton said the US was deploying a bomber task force to the region because of a “credible threat by Iranian regime forces.”

Concerns have been growing of a threat from Iran after US President Donald Trump ramped up sanctions on Tehran over its nuclear programme.

Tensions also erupted after he labelled the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organisation.

Mr Pompeo told reporters: “We talked to them about the importance of Iraq ensuring that it’s able to adequately protect Americans in their country.”

Mr Pompeo added the purpose of the meeting also was to let Iraqi officials know more about “the increased threat stream that we had seen” so they could effectively protect US forces.



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