Google Chrome could be braced for some serious changes – Here's what may be in store

Google Chrome is the American tech giant’s internet browser that is used by millions every single day.

The software is available on Android and iOS devices in addition to desktops and is frequently updated.

One of the biggest recent additions to Chrome came in the form of a dark mode.

First released for macOS users back in March with the debut of Chrome version 73, the aesthetic looks incredibly familiar to the app’s incognito mode but does not come with the same privacy features.

Instead, Chrome dark mode focuses on making content viewing easier on user eyes.

Since its initial delivery for Apple users, the functionality has started to arrive for some Windows 10 fans with the launch of Chrome version 74 that started rolling out in April.

While this feature delivers a welcome visual change for Chrome, it appears Google could also deliver further alterations to the internet client “as soon as this week”, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

The outlet recently claimed Google is planning to add a suite of new tools “to limit the use of tracking cookies”.

It was noted such functionality could be delivered in a “dashboard-like” view that may give users more control with regard to their browsing experience.

Cookies are files stored on a user’s computer that hold information about the person in question and websites they have visited.

These can be used by advertisers to promote certain materials based on products or services a user may have been searching for.

Such a move for Chrome could somewhat curtail the ability of advertisers to target promotions to users that take advantage of the claimed new features.

However, it was noted such functionality may not drastically alter Google’s ability to collect user information, raising potential concerns the American tech giant could have an advantage over other advertisers.

Google has been said to have been in talks with other firms about the implications the added functionality could have.

The Wall Street Journal noted the feature has been in development for six years and the firm apparently ramped up efforts to deliver it following the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal in 2018.

Claims the dashboard could arrive this week suggests the Chrome feature could be discussed at Google’s I/O developer conference that is taking place at 6pm UK time today, May 7.

However, it is worth noting Google has not officially commented on the existence of the reported function. will be covering all the announcements from Google’s keynote later today.