BBC News: ‘Switching over’ Line of Duty fans hit out at show for ‘ruining’ finale

Sally Nugent and Ben Thompson did issue a spoiler warning to BBC Breakfast viewers before they began talking about the show.

However, that wasn’t enough for many of the Line of Duty fans watching it home.

Complaints came as the pair interview star of the BBC drama, Maya Sondhi who played Maneet Bindra.

While Maneet was not in the episode in question, the trio did still discuss the latest instalment.

Fans weren’t happy, leaving some switching over to rival programme Good Morning Britain to avoid the spoilers.

One wrote: “I wonder how many viewers @BBCBreakfast loses during the #LineOfDuty #SPOILERALERT I even tried @GMB (because @piersmorgan is off today) but they’re talking about it too!! Switched to @NOWTV – anyone want to spoil @GameOfThrones for me whilst we’re at it??”

“@BBCBreakfast thanks for ruining line of duty for me,” another stated.

A third exclaimed: “@BBCBreakfast Terrible for spoiler alerts! Down with this sort of thing!”

“@BBCBreakfast Stop talking about #lineofduty !!!Trying to avoid finding out…but the other side are covering if too! Not everyone was able to watch it live…will catch up later,” a fourth shared.

“Thanks for the Spoiler Alert @sallynugent @BBCBreakfast – but it keeps driving me to @GMB (thankfully @piersmorgan is not on there today!),” a fifth declared.

While a sixth asked: “Why in the hell is bbc breakfast spoiling the ending of line of duty?”

Maya herself revealed she had been guessing about who or what ‘H’ was throughout the series.

She said: “I got myself all worked up thinking ‘I think H is a woman, a place, a code, a group and a country. Then maybe, um, I don’t know!’”

Maneet was killed off earlier in the series and the actress revealed she suggested her exit to creator Jed Mercurio.

She said: “I think I may, after a couple of glasses of wine have suggested that I die.”

“Never talk to him after a couple glasses of wine, you might regret it,” Maya joked.

She went on to add: “What a way to go. I don’t think anybody expected that of that character.”

Viewers may still have some questions following on from the finale.

The good news is that another series has already been confirmed although an air date is yet to be announced.

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