Sheridan Smith worries fans with 'threats' tweets

The star of stage and screen, 37, turned to Twitter to make the claims at 7.36pm on Thursday. But minutes later her 661,000 Twitter followers noticed the tweet had been deleted. Jamie, 28, proposed to the BAFTA winning actress following a three-month romance after they met on the dating app Tinder. Sheridan wrote: “FYI if I ever go missing look at Jamie and his nut job mum x she killed my dog so this woman is capable of anything. Also her son hates me like she does and they threaten me everyday x There it’s out there. God knows how this will end but I love y’all. x” There is no suggestion that Jamie’s mother killed Sheridan’s dog and the original tweet led to concern among the star’s fans about her welfare.

One fan tweeted: “This Sheridan Smith tweet is extremely concerning… She’s now taken it down.”

Another added: “Whattttt is going on with Sheridan SmitHope she is ok.”

And a supporter of the star asked: “Are you able to check on Sheridan Smith..Twitter page..I think something bad is going on.”

The post comes three days after Sheridan posted a loved-up selfie with Jamie.

Her father Colin’s death from cancer in 2016 opened the floodgates to a tumultuous two-year period for the “daddy’s girl”.

Her grief was exacerbated by the high anxiety and panic attacks she started suffering while performing in a stage adaptation of Hollywood classic Legally Blonde. Allegations of excessive drinking followed.

Last night Sheridan backed down and said her dog Panny had been killed in a fight with another dog.

She tweeted: “Thought I would clear up my silly rant. I apologise to anyone I upset. I was hurt and angry but this is no one’s fault.

“My darling Panny was being looked after when another dog attacked her & as a result she died.”