Chris Evans: Virgin Radio Breakfast host recalls shocking story of twins’ birth

Chris Evans, 53, chatted to midwife Leah Hazard on his Virgin Radio Breakfast show this week, which got him reminiscing over the birth of his twins, Walt and Boo, who were born in September.

The radio favourite shocked the guest and his co-stars as he revealed one of the twins was born very suddenly.

He recalled: “The twins, when Tasha was having the twins, they went to check her dilation and they went to check it because you’re 2cm after four, five hours ago so you’re probably about five and a half.

“So they went to check it and the first baby just came out!”

Repeating how the midwives reacted, Chris said: “They went ‘woah, woah!’”

He continued: “What they said was just give one little push so we can see the baby’s head.

“One push, phew, literally shot out! Someone catch that baby because there’s another one on the way!”

He added: “‘Need some more midwives in here!’ And that’s what it can be like.”

Chris and his wife Natasha have four children together, Noah, 10, Eli, seven, and twins Walt and Boo.

He also has a grown up daughter, Jade, from a previous relationship.

Meanwhile, Chris recently hinted his old show, TFI, could be set to make a comeback.

The star hosted the Channel 4 entertainment programme, which was written by Danny Baker, from 1996 to 2000.

The former BBC Radio 2 star spoke about the idea to co-host Vassos Alexander and The Guilty Feminist podcaster, Deborah Frances-White, on the radio this week.

Deborah said on Virgin Radio Breakfast: ”I shouldn’t be plugging TFI Friday, it’s not even on anymore.

“But if you’re very young, go and look on YouTube. It was an unqualified delight.”

Chris’ co-star, Vassos, suggested TFI should be revived with a twist and could go live in arenas.

He said: “Great idea. TFI Wembley. Get all the bands back from the 90s. TFI Wembley, you’ve got to do it.

“Have you written it on your hand?”

Chris appeared convinced by the idea and replied: “Yes, but I wasn’t going to read it on the radio until it was sorted out.”

Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am on Virgin Radio.