Queen star SLAMS Adam Lambert critics: 'Freddie Mercury comparisons are UNIMAGINATIVE'

“He’s had to cope with it because people are so f**king unimaginative.

“Fred’s dead and he’s not going to be [at the shows], so if you come to see us – you’re not going to see him!”

He also said that the group were not seeking to “recreate” Mercury when they asked Lambert to join them.

“We’re not trying to recreate our Freddie,” he said.

“So if people do think that, I haven’t patience with them, and please don’t come.

“But if you want to just enjoy our music, done really well, please do come.

“There are a lot of Fred impersonators around and they put on a fake moustache and a yellow jacket and it’s… good luck, you know? Good luck on that cruise ship.”

Along similar lines, archive footage showed May saying: “We want our music to be alive and dangerous and still open to change.

“Freddie would hate to have things reproduced the way they were.”

Lambert, also a hugely talented singer-songwriter in his own right, is thought to be preparing new music of his own for release.

He released the critically acclaimed song Feel Something in February, though stressed that it is not to be treated as his upcoming LP’s first single.

He joins Queen for The Rhapsody Tour around the world later this year and into 2020.

source: express.co.uk