ITV This Morning: ‘Leave us alone’ Eamonn Holmes SNAPS at Ruth Langsford moments into show

Friday’s edition of This Morning hosted by Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford kicked off with a bang when the latter revealed they would be welcoming former Bond girl Madeline Smith to the sofa.

Madeline was convinced the mega film franchise should be helmed by a woman next, but as Ruth mentioned the possibility Eamonn launched into a rant on the ITV programme.

“Madeline is suggesting the next Bond should be a woman and we will also be joined by journalist Andy West for a debate.

“That’s stupid isn’t it?” Eamonn snapped, as Ruth was taken-aback by her husband’s reaction.

“Why can’t it be a woman?” she asked gently, but Eamonn held firm.

“Well because he’s a boy’s hero isn’t he?” Eamonn replied, as Ruth continued to offer an alternative view.

“We’ve got to move with the times haven’t we?” she asked.

“Why can’t the women have their own?” the Irish presenter demanded. “Why have you got to muscle in on our stuff all the time?

“Leave us alone!” Eamonn then declared.

Ruth laughed off her husband’s outburst, but viewer’s were left divided over the topic.

Taking to Twitter to share their views, one person wrote: “They tried it with Ghostbusters and it was a major flop, what you think would happen to Bond? #ThisMorning”

“Just saying this for the 1000 time a woman shouldn’t play Bond, Fawad Khan should, I mean why not? #ThisMorning,” another wondered.

A third puzzled viewer asked: “What would they call her though if it was a female Bond, the name’s Bond Jamie Bond #ThisMorning.”

“James Bond a woman… what next? Wonder Woman a man? @thismorning #ThisMorning,” a fourth shared.

While a fifth raged: “F**k nah to female Bond. Just create a new character like Bond but female and let it have its own franchise and s**t. Don’t ruin bond FFS #thismorning.”

“@thismorning #thismorning No to a women being James bond, as James is a man’s name,” another viewer offered. “Why not create a role for a woman Jane Bond, then that still keeps James Bond as before as male?

“Why not create a new film franchise for a Jane Bond for a female 007. @ruthieel @eamonnholmes.”

Also on the programme, the presenters interviewed two police officers over the latest series of Line of Duty on BBC One.

During the discussion, one officer shared a theory which may have just blown the lid wide open over who or what H is.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV.