Snapchat Egg Hunt – Great Snapchat Egg Hunt starts TODAY, how to take part in Easter event

Snapchat Egg Hunt is starting today with Snapchatters around the world set to take part in the Great Snapchat Egg Hunt. The Easter event will see Snapchat users travelling to real-life locations shown in the Snap Map to find the eggs. When a Snapchat user is physically near an egg shown on the Snap map just tap the egg on the map. This will then open a 3D World Lens through the rear facing camera which you can collect for a point to add to your tally.

When a Snapchat user is close to a chick on the Snap Map, they’ll unlock a special Mini-Game Lens with the chance to win between three and ten points.

The eggs for the Snapchat Egg Hunt will be hidden at public locations such as coffee shops, shopping centres, airports and amusement parks.

Each egg is valued at one point while rare golden eggs will net Snapchatters a tasty haul of five points.

Scores are tallied in the upper-right corner of the Snap Map, and shows where you rank amongst your friends and the global Snapchat community.

Thankfully, if one of your friends gets to an egg before you do then don’t worry.

Eggs are not removed from your Map once your friends get there so Snapchatters have an opportunity to collect every egg on their Map.

The eggs will be in the same locations across the next three days.

Snapchat users that are using Ghost Mode can still take part in the Easter egg hunt, but their score will only be visible to them.

Only the people a Snapchat user chooses to see their location on the Snap map can do.

You can choose to share your location with all your friends, just a group of selected friends, or turn on Ghost Mode to go completely off the grid.

A Snapchat spokesperson added: “We encourage Snapchatters to play safe and responsibly, keep their eyes on their surroundings, and most importantly – have fun!”