Democrat issues WARNING ahead of Mueller report release – ‘Waging a campaign for Trump’

Representative Jerry Nadler called a news conference on Tuesday where he accused the US attorney general of pandering to Donald Trump’s narrative. Mr Barr announced this week that the White House will be briefed on his findings ahead of his own press conference. However, Democrats have complained that lawmakers will not receive the report until 11.00am in the morning following Mr Barr’s conference.

Following the news, Mr Nadler said: “The attorney general appears to be waging a media campaign on behalf of President Trump.

“He’s trying to bake in the narrative of the Mueller report to the benefit of the White House.”

The move from Mr Barr has been met with widespread criticism from the Democrats who have claimed that it would allow the administration to spin the findings in favour of the President.

Mr Barr had already been put under the spotlight following his decision to delay the release of Mueller’s complete report.

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Mr Barr also added he expects that it will be “useful to ask Mueller to testify” following the release of the report.

The Democrat concluded: “The central concern here is that Attorney General Barr is not allowing the facts of the Mueller report to speak for themselves but is trying to bake in the narrative about the report to the benefit of the White House.”

When the Mueller report was released last month, it revealed that there were no links between Trump’s 2016 election campaign and Russian interference.

Following the initial release, Trump put forward a defiant response to the report which some thought would incriminate the President.

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Trump said at the time: “There was no collusion. There was no obstruction.

“There was nothing.”

Ahead of its full release, Trump praised the attorney general, stating that he was a “fantastic attorney general” while also issuing his opinion on its release.

The President said: “You’ll see a lot of very strong things come out tomorrow.”