It’s been another big week for Samsung with the Korean technology firm announcing a range of new smartphones including the Galaxy A80.

This latest device includes a radical design with a camera that pops up from the top of the phone.

By adding this mechanism, Samsung has been able to ditch the bezels completely giving users a totally uninterrupted viewing experience.

There’s also another bonus of this camera as when it rises from the top of the device the rear triple lenses actually flip over so you get the same great photographic experience for your selfies.

Samsung is boasting that the innovative camera mechanism delivers the same extraordinary triple camera experience with the same high-resolution lens, front and rear, so you never have to compromise on quality.

Along with this fully edge-to-edge screen and clever camera, there’s plenty of other top features on the A80 including a big 3,700mAh battery and 128GB of internal storage plus 8GB of RAM.

With an expected price of around £600, the A80 will sit in direct competition with the older Galaxy S9 and that leaves fans with some tough choices to make.

Whilst the S9 doesn’t have a triple rear camera, that can also take selfies, or a fully edge-to-edge screen it does include a better processor, wireless charging and improved security via facial and iris recognition.

Some users may also prefer the physical rear fingerprint scanner on the rear of the S9 rather than the embedded sensor that sits under the A80’s screen.

You also can’t boost the memory on Samsung’s latest smartphone which is something that the S9 still offers.

There’s clearly plenty to like about both phones and if you something completely new and radically different then the A80 is worth a look when it launches in May.

However, with the S9 dropping in price to under £600, this is now a very good phone that’s incredibly good value for money.

The decision is yours to make but here’s how both phones compare on paper.


Price – Around £600
Screen – 6.7-inch FHD+ (1080×2400) Super AMOLED, New Infinity Display
Camera – Triple rear camera includes Main: 48MP, F2.0 Ultra Wide: 8MP, F2.2 (123°) 3D Depth
Battery – 3,700mAh
Processor – Octa Core (2.2GHz Dual + 1.7GHz Hexa)
Extras – Embedded fingerprint scanner • 128GB storage • 8GB RAM

GALAXY S9 • £569

Camera: Single rear 12.0 MP • Front Camera – 8.0 MP F1.7
Display: 5.8-inch dual edge Super AMOLED
Battery: 3000mAh
Security: Rear fingerprint scanner • Facial/Iris recognition
Extras: Wireless charging • 64GB Internal Storage • AKG speakers • Water-resistant design



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