Debbie McGee: Strictly star discovers why The Chase's Paul Sinha snubbed her for a drink

Debbie McGee, 60, was keen to ask Paul Sinha, 48, about why he previously snubbed her invites to the pub during an appearance on her BBC Radio Berkshire show last weekend. The Strictly Come Dancing star made the comment while she was interviewing The Sinnerman about his dedication to his job. After Paul revealed he had quit his full-time position as a doctor to pursue quizzing, Debbie brought up a slightly awkward story from when the two starred in a pantomime together. The presenter admitted to wondering why the game show star often avoided joining the cast for drinks and a quiz after their evening shows.

She said: “I know when we were doing panto and doing two shows a day, luckily we finished at about 9 o’clock or something, but quite often we’d say, ‘Are you coming to the pub for a drink?’

“And you’d go, ‘No, no, I’m off, I’m doing a quiz at another pub somewhere else.’

“Once a week we all did our panto cast quiz night at the pub opposite.”

However, Paul was quick to defend his actions with a valid excuse, as he remarked: “That was because Ollie, my boyfriend, was up there and I wanted to treat him.

“He’s a quizzer himself and I wanted to treat him to a quiz, I wouldn’t normally be so antisocial!”

Fortunately, Debbie was able to clarify the slight misunderstanding with her former co-star, proving that she didn’t mean to cause any offence.

The TV and radio personality assured The Chaser her intensions were to compliment him on his focused attitude.

She added: “Well, no, I wasn’t meaning… I just meant that you were still always practicing your job.”

Earlier in the chat, Paul admitted his decision to take on a role in the ITV gameshow was due to a “midlife crisis”.

He recalled turning his hand to medicine and comedy before finding his true passion for quizzing.

The Chase favourite said: “It was more when I’d given up the medicine to become a full-time comedian that I had time to try to get good at quiz.

“Midlife crisis I think they call it, Debbie.

“In 2008, I decided I wanted to become good at quiz and then three years later I got a chance to be a Chaser. So, what a decision!”

Elsewhere, Debbie stepped out to reunite with her friends from Strictly, professional dancers Neil Jones, 36, and Katya Jones, 29.

The stars were attending the press night of The House on Cold Hill at Richmond Theatre in London in support of Joe McFadden, 43, who won the show in 2017.

Debbie appeared alongside the Holby City actor and his partner Katya in the BBC competition, narrowly missing out on lifting the glitter ball trophy in the final.

The former Strictly finalist stunned in a chic combination of leopard print and leather for the evening, styling her blonde hair with extra volume.