EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell issues sinister warning to Lola Pearce over DARK secret

Ben (played by Max Bowden) agreed to help father Phil (Steve McFadden) with his new money laundering scheme on EastEnders when he returned to the BBC soap this week, but it soon became clear the heir to the Mitchell empire has other ulterior motives.

Brining back cousin Lola (Danielle Harold) and the couple’s daughter Lexi, Ben was cautious to keep the blonde in line as she made a few hiccups which could’ve put their secret plan in jeopardy.

Though, with the plan in mind, Lola was also taken aback to see her ex-boyfriend and Walford funeral director Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick), quizzing him about his relationship status when the two sat down to chat.

However, it seems the attraction is still there between the young singletons, although Jay has been in an on-off romance with Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton) over the past few months.

Lola and Jay’s attraction arises when the pair are share a moment together in upcoming scenes, with the chemistry sparking between the pair.

Their romantic glances don’t go unnoticed however when Ben invites his family round to mother Kathy Beale’s (Gillian Taylforth) house for a brunch.

With his plan still under wraps, Ben will interrupt the tender moment between Lola and Jay, which leads the schemer to take the blonde aside.

Wanting his accomplice to focus on their plan in hand, Ben tells Lola she needs to keep away with Jay as he becomes worried she will spill all to the undertaker.

However, Ben’s threat, although menacing, may fall on deaf ears as the actors who play Jay and Lola have teased their could be a re-found romance between the pair.

Speaking to Metro, Jay actor Jamie Borthwick, 24, said: “All of a sudden Lola comes in like a whirlwind and some of those old feelings kind of creep back up again and it all kicks off again.”

Referring to Jay’s other romance with Ruby, Jamie teased: “In terms of long term, I don’t actually know what way it’s going to go but for now it’s certainly fun to work with them both [Danielle and Louisa].”

This week, Jay has been supporting Ruby as her harrowing rape storyline came to a conclusion after months of the businesswoman crumbling over the ordeal.

Faced by her rapists Ross Swinden (Ossian Luke) and Matt Clarkson (Mitchell Hunt), Ruby relived her ordeal to the jury with best friend Stacey Fowler (Lacey Turner) also giving evidence.

The court case brought back devastating memories for Stacey as she was also raped some years ago by villain Archie Mitchell (Larry Lamb) but she never received justice as the traumatised character killed her rapist in a chilling Christmas Day murder mystery.

However, Ruby managed to see her rapists get their comeuppance as the jury delivered a guilty verdict for both men, brining the court case to an end.

source: express.co.uk