Daily horoscope for April 7: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast TODAY

The crescent Moon is lit up today in the second star sign of the horoscope in the constellation Taurus. Taurus is a so-called fixed sign in the earth house of elements and is ruled over by Venus. The Moon will remain in this position until Monday, April 8, after which it will enter the sign of Gemini. However, for now, you need to know the Taurus Moon forms a square-and-a-half aspect with the planet Saturn.

A square in astrology describes a 90-degree angle between two bodies on the celestial planes.

Such combinations are often said to result in tension or conflict, as both parties involved struggle to become the dominant power.

After that, Mercury forms a 60-degree sextile with the ringed giant Saturn.

The Sun in Aries also forms a 30-degree semi-sextile with the frozen planet Neptune.

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As a result of these individual aspects in the heavens, you should find a sense of focus and practicality wash over you today.

Astrologer Marina Stoichkova of MarStars Astrology explained: “During this day the transit Mercury will make a sextile with Saturn – a very positive aspect, which can help you to be more logical in terms of your decisions, more practical, concentrate on work or business.

“Even though it’s Sunday, you may still plan the next week or you may feel like you can find new solutions or you can be much more logical about the decisions you are about to make.

“So overall, it’s a very beneficial aspect, especially for Pisces or Capricorn.”

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Saturn is in Capricorn today and Mercury is currently passing through Pisces.

After that, the Sun and Neptune create another positive force for you to draw inspiration from.

The semi-sextile will influence a sense of creative deep inside of you and give you the motivation to help others.

This might come in the form of making a sacrifice for a special someone or doing a favour without expecting anything in return.

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Sometimes, helping others just for the sake go helping others is the most rewarding experience out there.

Ms Stoichkova said: “Take care of others, make a sacrifice. It can really help you to feel better.

“Also another thing that you may do is to make a short meditation or focus on something more spiritual.”

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