Weight loss diet: Woman reveals the easy diet plan she used to shed four stone

Losing weight ultimately comes down to eating the right foods and exercising regularly.

Kate Smith, 34, from County Durham, struggled to beat the bulge after being diagnosed with PCOS, a condition that makes weight loss more difficult.

Having tried and failed a number of fad-diets, the slimmer found herself in need of a more substantial change.

The health and wellbeing adviser lacked confidence and felt constantly tired as well as suffering from a number of health conditions.

Kate said: “At 22 years old I was diagnosed with PCOS.

“This greatly impacted on me and I would have to take weeks off work every other month.

“I have been overweight since I was a teenager, always trying latest fads and slimming clubs to try and achieve my goals, but nothing worked.”

When she turned 30, Kate noticed herself feeling more tired than ever and wentback and forth to the doctors for two years as she searched for a diagnosis.

When no one could tell her what was wrong, determined Kate decided to take things into her own hands.

“In Dec 2016 I decided to take control of my health,” she revealed.

“I went gluten free to see if this helped and then I came across Beachbody around April or May time.”

Following the beach body plan from beachbodyondemand.com, she attended regular Core de Force classes, which are workouts inspired by boxing, and saw the weight start to fall off.

Within four weeks, she lost 11 inches and noticed her health problems starting to ease.

Kate said: “Straight away my energy levels began to increase, since then I have never looked back!”

Kate also altered her diet, having previously skipped meals and binged on convenience food.

She swapped this for low-carb home cooked meals which she picked from a list of recipes given to her on the plan.

These days, she eats healthy meals and includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Barely squeezing into a size 16 before, she can now pick up a size 8 and has slimmed down by four stone.

“Many people around me say how different I am, how much happier I appear and more outgoing I am,” Kate revealed.

She used her new-found confidence to take go travelling to Indianapolis by herself and took part in a modelling shoot.

Kate said: “I manage my health so much better, I am so much more happier and I now live for each day and enjoy life!”

Another woman lost seven stone in just 12 months by joining her local gym and taking classes three times a week. 

If hoping to lose weight, eating fibre and protein for breakfast has been shown to help dieters feel fuller for longer. 

source: express.co.uk