‘Trump FEARS’ Nancy Pelosi says US expert who claims she will run for President in 2020

The Democrat Willie Brown wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle the House Speaker is feared by the President, even stating ‘Pelosi for President’. Mr Brown said: “He’s quick with a condescending nickname for just about all his opponents, but not Pelosi.” The 41st mayor of San Francisco said Ms Pelosi has dealt Trump the worst defeat of his presidency. Ms Pelosi allegedly dealt the blow when she stood firm against the President when he tried to shut down the Government over the Democrats’ refusal to pay for the US-Mexico border wall.

Mr Brown also claims Ms Pelosi was “largely responsible” for helping nearly 20 million Americans obtain health care known as The Affordable Care Act.

The politician congratulated Trump for having “escaped” Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation without being charged but mentioned that five of the President’s aides were convicted of various offences.

Mr Brown said: “If Trump rides his vengeance campaign to re-election, as he seems intent on trying to do, he’ll travel down Pennsylvania Avenue for his inauguration in a limo with a license plate made by one of his former friends.”

It comes as Trump dramatically threatened to close the 3,000-mile border with Mexico this week.

He accused the President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of failing to control the “flow of illegal immigrants” crossing into the US.

Trump made the warning in a tweet, which also took aim at several other countries in Latin America, claiming they “have taken our money for years, and do nothing”.

In response, Mr Obrador said he was committed to curbing illegal immigration, but suggested the problem was mainly one the US and Central America countries needed to resolve.

Trump posted on Twitter: “Mexico is doing nothing to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants to our country.

“They are all talk and no action.

“Likewise, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have taken our money for years, and do nothing.

“The Dems don’t care, such bad laws. May close the Southern Border!”

source: express.co.uk