Gogglebox 2019: Ellie Warner apologises after backlash for 'pushing' dog on Channel 4 show

Gogglebox favourite Ellie Warner was subjected to backlash after angry Channel 4 viewers worried she had been “too rough” with her pet puppy, Mick. The debate ensued on Twitter after the star and her sister Izzi were shown tucking into a meal on their sofa in last night’s episode. Ellie suddenly spilled hot baked beans onto her lap, causing her to jump up in shock. The Gogglebox cast member then proceeded to shoo her dog away with her hand after catching him sniffing around her plate.

She exclaimed: “I don’t care, it’s burning me”, as Izzi continued to giggle at the situation.

However, fans of the programme appeared to be less concerned about Ellie’s burnt legs, taking to Gogglebox’s official social media platform to air their views on her interaction with the Italian Greyhound. 

One wrote: “Way too rough with that puppy. Doesn’t deserve a dog. Not the dog’s fault.”

Another viewer added: “I watch and love this show every week but that duo are being way too harsh with that pup!”

A Twitter user then compared Ellie and Izzi’s treatment of the animal to fellow Gogglebox family, the Malones: “Yeah, I liked them until tonight! @ellieandizzi should take a crash course from @TheMalonesGB! Now THEY know how to treat animals and they don’t give a t**s if the dogs literally jump all over them.”

Downton Abbey actor Peter Egan even weighed in on the argument, writing: “What do you think about how this sweet dog is pushed away by this muncher?”

As a result of the negative comments, Ellie and Izzi addressed the issue in a post to their 44.8K Twitter followers on their joint account. 

The sisters responded: “Sorry everyone was scolded by burning hot beans, the foot stool is literally a foot from the floor so mick was not hurt. 

“I love my dog and would never hurt him and I also would not let him eat Kentucky fried chicken as it is not suitable food for dogs.”

In spite of the apology, some of the girls’ followers continued to criticise Ellie’s behaviour.

One wrote: “It doesn’t matter that the stool was a foot from the floor, should not have been pushed. Corrected, and trained properly. Perhaps take a class or two, you can teach him, not punish. Reward him with his in treat.”

To defend themselves, Ellie and Izzi replied: “Thank you for your comment and under normal circumstances that would have been appropriate but considering I was being scalded that was what I had time for in that particular moment, mick is not hurt and is a very happy dog have a nice weekend.”

Other viewers took the opportunity to support the TV personalities after they expressed regret about the way that the scene was perceived.

A supporter commented: “The dog was fine, you literally have nothing to apologise for. People just like a reason to grumble about something. Whippets and greyhounds are known for trying to eat everything whenever they can – our Sven does it!”

A fan also wrote: “Can’t believe the people on here giving off because the dog was swiped off the stool, I think by doing that you have prevented the dog from burning its mouth or choking on a bone, don’t think many thought about that. You have no need to apologise.”

Another added: “I really do not get what people are seeing! It’s scalding your leg so naturally you’d protect the dog from trying to get a mouthful. Dogs dive in! Shouldn’t have to justify yourself!”

Gogglebox airs every Friday on Channel 4 at 9pm.

source: express.co.uk