Alex Jones: 'I didn't realise' The One Show host left stunned by shock deaths

Alex Jones, 42, and Matt Baker, 41, were left shocked after an expert revealed the number of deaths which have occurred in the UK due to air pollution. Matt Baker said: “There are 36,000 deaths related to air pollution. Something has to be done.” Speaking to expert Jonas he said: “Yes, it’s a huge number of deaths and that’s long-term exposure to air pollution across the UK. “And that’s not just from cars but of course it’s other industries such as shipping, it’s farming.

“That’s one of the reasons why spring is one of the worst times for air pollution as well.”

He continued: “Wood burning stoves are really popular and trendy but I’m sorry to say it but a really efficient wood burning stove can release the same particular matter as 18 new Diesel cars.

“That is just staggering. It’s not popular to say but it’s not good for people’s health.”

Alex said: “Gosh, I didn’t realise that.”

Meanwhile, the BBC presenter was left stunned by a guests cheeky admission on recent episode of The One Show.

The host discussed a new Channel 4 documentary called “Can I Improve My Memory?” which featured the BBC Radio 4 presenter Valerie Singleton.

The 84-year-old veteran broadcaster talked about being tested on UK Grime artists and told the BBC hosts how she was able to recall the information after she admitted there was “two men fooling around in my dressing gown” which caused Alex to question the star.

Speaking about the documentary Alex asked: “So the plan was to learn as much as you could in a really short space of time?”

Valerie: “Yes, we were working with a memory man – so he was given us ways to remember. It worked for me the long things to remember, like all the tracks on Stormzy’s album. And I could give you all 16 now if you’ve got time.”

Matt asked: “Could you give us the first three?”

The broadcaster replied: “I was on the bed when Mark rang me beside my cat, so it was First Things First.”

This is the first song which appears on the grime artist record.

She continued: “The little bedside table was Cold, there were two guys fooling around in my dressing gown so that’s Bad Boys.”

The Welsh beauty interjected: “Hang on…there were two men?”

But the Blue Peter star said it wasn’t the case, she just used that as a way to memorise facts.

Meanwhile, the TV star is expecting her second child and is already mum to Teddy, 13-months.

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