In this week’s Pretty Good Gaming Podcast we’re discussing indie game The Hong Kong Massacre. We discuss what we know about the upcoming Sony exclusive Dreams. We have discussions around the idea of exclusives in the industry for better or worse. We discuss the differences between AAA, AA Indie. PLUS We answer some questions and discuss some comments from our videos last week.

Timestamps –

00:00 Opening Ramblings
10:54 The Hong Kong Massacre
25:00 Dreams
41:03 Exclusives in the gaming industry
59:42 Atomic Heart (AAA vs AA vs indie)
1:18:20 Viewer Comments

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  1. 10:54min Hong K. M., "HardBoiled" is reference to John Wu film of the same name. (?but, Maybe you guys were joking)
    Sounds like the game play mimics the movie. Thought u may have gotten this updated since the previous Vid.
    But Going to get they game based on your review.

  2. It's fair to compare The Hong Kong Massacre to movies, especially the John Woo films but it's also essentially a top down version of the first Max Payne game. Similar gameplay and visual style throughout. The plot may even be similar from what I've played so far.

  3. Just commenting to show you guys some love, don't think to much about the snowflakes getting salty.
    PGG isn't for the political correct…it's for those who appreciate the odd dad joke and gaming news from a factual view.

    Keep up the good work guys, I only wish I could give more then a fiver a month on Patreon, but atm I'm unemployed.

  4. The whole 'entitled' gamer thing is a bit of a weird one. Some people are full pro consumer and don't give a fuck about companies and some people aare full corporate cocksucker and will be the cheerleader for companies even if they screw over consumers. I believe the best approach is a middle ground between those 2 extremes. The companies wouldn't exist without the fans and the games wouldm't exust without the companies. The fans have every right to complain and the company has every right to do what it wants within the law. Ultimately I don't personally give a shit if a multibillion dollar corporation gets bad press and loses money . I also think if a company wants money they better offer a god product or service. If the Industry doesn't offer me a good priduct I just play older games instead of being as outraged as other people.

  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to let y'all know, I'm unsubscribing. I used to really love you (Gaz) and the boys, but it's been harder and harder to watch without Mike's goofy ass or Jake's silly whitty remarks. I wish you the best of luck moving forward, though.

  6. LucasArts no longer exists, y'know, the one's behind the star wars games when they were actually good, but LucasFilm still exists they're just a Disney subsidiary now. Star wars battlefront 2 2017 still has the lucasfilm brand on it, just not lucas arts, which had a different logo too.

  7. ah you shouldn't have said mine with your throat feeling so shite, could have put it in the next show or something if you wanted to address it. Don't want ya stressing your throat more.
    Also I'm pretty sure, not 100% at this point, that the entitled gamer comment was about a publisher or some shit talking about how gamers are entitled for wanting a game to be full and not micro-transactioned all to hell after we spent money to buy it in the first place. Granted again I'm not 100% on that anymore but that's usually what I bitch about when it comes to that statement.

  8. Had to comment to say Epic are old players, my first experience with them was Unreal but that was 20 years ago and ofc they've been developing the Unreal engine since. Keep up the good stuff fellas, never fall prey to the PC mania.

  9. I'm not migrating to Epic store so long as they don't have the same or equally good refund policy like steam, accepting players reviews and then there's the deal about information integrity and China involvement part. There's to many variables in the air for Epic Store to take off.

  10. At around 40:00 minutes, Henry read my comment!!! Woo-Hoo! 😉 PGG Rocks! Thanks for mentioning that I didnt subscribe to the idea either… but it is something kind of fun to think about. It wouldnt be the craziest thing Kojima has ever done! – Cheers guys!

  11. Yea what Disney did to the fan film really pissed me off that I'm swearing off everything Disney even the Marvel films.(which were getting old anyway) And also, he couldn't crowd fund the project, so je put up about 80k to 100k of his own money to make the film knowing he won't make any money off of it but they struck his channel and threatened to have his channel deleted if he challenged the claim. FUCK DISNEY!


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