Game of Thrones: What does Catelyn Stark star really think about the Red Wedding?

Season eight will bring Game of Thrones to a grand close with the epic saga of ice and fire coming to a head. During the course of the series, Game of Thrones fans have been hit with some pretty traumatic and brutal moments. Perhaps the most shocking moment ever in Game of Thrones is the Red Wedding, which saw a massacre taking out a whole group of characters in one go.

But what does actress Michelle Fairley think about the gruesome sequence?

The Red Wedding saw Talisa Stark (played by Oona Chaplin) repeatedly stabbed while heavily pregnant with her husband Robb’s (Richard Madden) child.

Robb himself was cut down by archers as he tried to come to the aid of his wife, while his mother Catelyn Stark had her throat slit in the final moments of the scene.

The Red Wedding was a conspiracy concocted by Lannisters and the Freys to punish Robb for not agreeing to marry one of his Walder Frey’s (David Bradley) daughters but also a way to take him down.


Up until then, Robb and his army had been winning their wars and the wedding was an easy way to remove him from the equation.

Speaking about the Red Wedding, Fairley explained: “I’ve watched it only once. I find it very hard The speed of it, the way it was cut and edited, you felt you were there. Where would you run if you were in there?

“Even before Catelyn realises what’s happening, there is this relentless inevitability to it.

“I think, in many ways, she was hoping, going against her gut that everything was going to be okay, but the minute the music starts confirms her fears.”

She went on to say in the book Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones: Seasons 3 & 4: “[Filming the scenes] in chronological order was incredible difficult because there was an emotional crescendo.


“But, honestly? It was one of the best weeks of my working life. You are surrounded by completely wonderful craftspeople, the crew, who after three years are your friends.”

The Red Wedding was the plot twist that audiences did not see coming and left viewers around the world reeling.

Even by Westeros standards, the Red Wedding was shocking because it went against the sacred Guest Right tradition of the Seven Kingdoms, whereby you are protected from harm if you eat and drink at the table of your host.

The Guest Right lasts for the duration of your stay at your host’s home and is particularly hallowed in the North, so the Red Wedding seemed even more sacrilegious.


Reflecting on the Red Wedding, Madden said: “I deliberately didn’t read any books ahead of each season; I didn’t want to know or preempt myself.

“I like that each step took him closer to reaching his potential, but I needed it to be a surprise for me.

“That said, I was aware of the Red Wedding from the beginning. David and Dan explained just how big the sequence was and how in many ways, the series was just about getting to that place.

“After that, lots of people were more than happy to fill me in before I got to it in the books.”

Game of Thrones season 8 will air on HBO in the US on April 14 and on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV on April 15 at 2am & 9pm

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