Middle East tensions ERUPT as two US military killed in Afghanistan, NATO confirm

The news has been confirmed by the NATO-led Resolute Support mission in Kabul. The names of the two service members are currently being withheld until their respective families have been informed.  Currently, the US military is focusing on defeating Taliban forces in the country. 

Afghan forces have been aided by the US military against the Taliban who were removed from power in 2001. 

Recently the Taliban and the US have held talks over a potential peace settlement. 

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The most recent talks wrapped up this month but no agreement has been made as of yet.

Despite the talks, violence has been relentless in the country. 

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The resurgent Taliban hold almost half of the country.

Afghanistan has also seen the rise of its own ISIS affiliate due to the “caliphate” crumbling in Syria and Iraq.

The overall Resolute Support Mission consists of 17,000 troops half of which are from the US.

Although no deal has been agreed between the US and the Taliban, both sides have indicated that what talks they have had, have been positive.

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In a sign of faith, Afghan insurgents have named some of their most senior commanders as chief negotiator.

Following discussions ion January, the US agreed that all foreign troops would leave 18 months after any deal was signed.

In return for that commitment, the Taliban would keep international terrorist groups out of the country.

Despite Donald Trump prioritising peace in Afghanistan, the US president has remained steadfast in his belief that he will not accept a “bad deal”. 

source: express.co.uk