Stassi Schroeder Sees a Nipple Hair for the First Time Thanks to the LADYGANG

First time for everything!

In this clip from Sunday’s brand-new LADYGANG, the gals give Stassi Schroeder a glimpse of something she’s—apparently—never seen before. The shenanigans unfold in record time after Keltie Knight casually mentions she once “pitched an idea where I grew my nipple hair to its full capabilities and then I plucked it and measured it for America.”

Keltie’s boss didn’t go for it. But Stassi isn’t necessarily shocked by her host’s bold creativity, she’s just confused about the logistics.

“How does one even grow a nipple hair?” asks the Vanderpump Rules star, prompting identical glances from both Keltie and Jac Vanek that say “Are you serious?” and “Lemme see” all at once. Naturally, the latter sentiment takes center stage in the new clip.  

“You have nipple hairs, you just haven’t looked,” Jac reasons. Stassi says ‘no’, but Becca Tobin needs more evidence.

“Pull ‘em out,” she says, before kneeling down on the floor beside Stassi to check out the situation for herself. After beat, she gasps. Verdict? “There’s no nipple hair!” Becca cries. And according to Ms. Schroeder, she’s never had one either.

“Stassi, look at mine. This is the amount of nipple hair people normally have,” Keltie tells her guest—and shows her too.

“No way! I did not know nipple hair was a thing,” Stassi insists.

Watch the anatomical hilarity play out in the clip above!  

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