Alexander Armstrong: ‘No one will notice’ Pointless host responds to 'secret' move

Pointless host Alexander Armstrong, 49, shared a tweet about his upcoming tour All Mouth and Some Trousers last week, but one eagle-eyed viewer confronted him about his imagery. In view of his 407,000 followers, the singer shared a link to his tour with the caption: “My tour is on general sale today! “Come and see me – follow link below for details” One Twitter user responded to the host, writing: “How old is that photo?”

The Pointless star cheekily replied: “Shhhhhh! No-one’ll notice.”

They then jokingly added: “Won’t say a word! Have an excellent time.”

Elsewhere, Alexander recently took part in a climb to Kilimanjaro to raise money for Comic Relief.

The star, alongside the likes of Ed Balls, Shirley Ballas and Dan Walker, raised a huge £2.7 million for the charity.

The presenter shared a picture of himself and his co-stars together following their success, but one Twitter user claimed he felt “uneasy” about their intentions.

The Twitter user wrote: “Congratulations. But I do feel a bit uneasy about wealthy people doing something that 99 per cent of the population will never be able to do and asking those people who are less wealthy than them to give more money.

“Why not a celeb and a bunch of Joe public?”(sic)

Hitting back, Alexander replied: “It all boils down to what is the most effective way of raising money Tony.

“The relevant issue is how many people we collectively inspired to donate.

“We raised £2.7M so I guess it was a lot of people.

“What our personal wealth is seems like a red herring to me. But thank you.”

Other Twitter users weighed in on the exchange, with many praising the team’s efforts.

During his Kilimanjaro stint, Alexander spoke out about the struggles he and his team faced in the challenge.

Giving an update in a video link on This Morning, he divulged: “It’s [Kilimanjaro] 1,800 metres higher than we are now and we are already very high; we’ve had a lot of issues with altitude but the spirits in the camp are absolutely rock steady.

“We’ve been a great team which is really lovely.

“We had a night a couple of days ago where we all just cried… I think just altitude or maybe just love from our fellow travellers.”

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