Toy Story 4 cast: Who does Keanu Reeves play in Toy Story 4?

The first full-length trailer for Toy Story 4 has finally arrived. Fans have taken to Twitter to express their excitement, and sadness, at the bittersweet tone of the trailer. But the two and a half minute teaser poses as many questions as it answers.

Who does Keanu Reeves play in Toy Story 4?

Keanu Reeves plays a new toy in the series, Duke Kaboom.

He only appears for a split second towards the end of the trailer and he only has one line: Kaboom.

But the seeds for the character were sewn long ago, in another Disney title.

In fact, a toy which looks quite similar to Duke Kaboom appears in The Incredibles 2.


A glimpse inside baby Jack-Jack’s crib reveals a small toy which seems to be Duke Kaboom.

Speaking to Collider in December 2018, Reeves discussed being added to the voice cast.

Reeves said: “I got a call which was really cool out the blue from the lovely people at Pixar and the creators of this number, this edition, or continuation of the story.

“They pitched the character to me and then we spoke and they allowed me to kind of riff on it.”


Tim Allen, who voices Buzz Lightyear, also talked about the then-unknown character voiced by Reeves.

Allen said: “Actually, a little inside story: Even Reeves said — gentle, wonderful guy that he is — ‘This sounds too much like Buzz Lightyear.’

And his character does have an edge to that.

“And the guy said, ‘So we calmed him down a little bit,’ and they reminded me his toy is only that big.”

The Observer reported back in January that Kaboom “hails from a place where discontinued toys are sent.”

Also returning is Joan Cusack as Jessie and Annie Potts as Bo Peep.

Joining Reeves as new-comers are Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele as Ducky and Bunny, and Tony Hale as Forky.

The plot synopsis reads: “Woody (Tom Hanks) has always been confident about his place in the world, and that his priority is taking care of his owner, whether that is Andy or Bonnie.

“So when Bonnie’s beloved new craft-project-turned-toy, Forky (Tony Hale), declares himself as “trash” and not a toy, Woody takes it upon himself to show Forky why he should embrace being a toy.

“But when Bonnie takes the whole gang on her family’s road trip excursion, Woody ends up on an unexpected detour that includes a reunion with his long-lost girlfriend Bo Peep (Annie Potts).

“After years of being on her own, Bo’s adventurous spirit and life on the road belie her delicate porcelain exterior.

“As Woody and Bo realize they are worlds apart when it comes to life as a toy, they soon come to find that it is the least of their worries.”

Toy Story 4 is out in cinemas on June 21, 2019