Time travel PROOF? 'Time traveller from 2300' saw DINOSAURS in the future – Shock claim

The supposed time traveller, who hid his identity out of safety concerns, claims to have been 191 years into the future. Speaking from an undisclosed location in Serbia and behind the cover of a blurred face, the man only revealed his name as Roman. Roman agreed to appear before the cameras after contacting the paranormal investigators who run the YouTube channel ApexTV. The time traveller is just one in a long list of anonymous individuals who have claimed online to have visited the past or future.

He said: “The most shocking journey I have ever had was when I travelled to the year 2300.”

According to Roman, he spent 15 years working for a secret international organisation dubbed Oklo.

This mystery group is supposedly the equivalent of America’s CIA but with a global reach.

The self-tilted time traveller said Oklo had access to a time travel machine dubbed The Spider.

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Time travel news: Alleged time traveller

Time travel news: This man claims to have been to the year 2300 (Image: GETTY/APEXTV)

The Spider allowed Roman to travel to the year 2300, where he saw monstrous dinosaurs.

The most shocking journey I have ever had was when I travelled to the year 2300

Roman, alleged time traveller

He said: “The name Spider was given to that machine because of its anatomy.

“In the centre was located the main machine. The head and the heart of the giant.

“At the edge of the space, eight columns was stood connecting with 45k cables connecting the main machine.

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“We were using it for a time travels. But only for travels to the future.

“Of course, the machine could also take us to the past, but there was a declaration signed by eight most influential countries, such as United States of America, Russia, China, Germany, etc.

“It was not allowed to make time travels to the past because a time traveller could change the way of history nowadays.”

The time traveller said his journey into the future was the single “most shocking” trip of his life.

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Time travel news: Alleged time traveller

Time travel news: Roman the time traveller said he saw dinsoaurs (Image: APEXTV)

While in the year 2300, the time traveller said the world was dominated by “high technology” and it was a “robotic future”.

Artificially developed intelligence and flying cars are norm 200 years from now but also everything appears to be covered in grass, from houses to streets to cars.

Roman the time traveller said: “Suddenly we heard a roar, a very loud voice. When we turned back we saw a mystical giant.

“That was a dinosaur, more than a hundred metres. I could feel with my stomach every step of that monster.

“So we started to run and hide between the trees but there were a lot of these dinosaurs. Not as big as we’ve seen first but too many and too close to us.

“We were already thinking about our death and that no one of us will have a grave.”

However, despite these incredibly bizarre claims, not everyone who saw Roman’s confession tape was convinced by his story.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, received a lot of criticism and accusations of being staged, a hoax and incredibly implausible.

Time travel news: Alleged time traveller

Time travel news: Not everyone who saw the video believed Roman (Image: APEXTV)

One YouTuber named Grimm Hades wrote: “When I want to lose brain cells, I come to this channel and watch time travel vids.”

Lorne Cooper said: “This is so unbelievably ridiculous I can’t believe I watched till the end.”

Vier JJ Coronet said: “Another made story. Can’t wait to hear the next made up story.”

And David Murphy said: “It’s Monday. Can you find a time traveller from next weekend, I’ve got plans that may need tweaking. Thanks in advance.”

source: express.co.uk