Gmail update – Google could finally catch up to Outlook with this new feature

Gmail is Google’s email programme that is used for personal and work purposes across the globe.

The software is frequently updated by the American tech firm, meaning new features and improvements are consistently introduced.

And it appears Google could be planning to bring a new tool to Gmail that will allow users to schedule emails, a feature that is already offered in Outlook.

9to5Google recently found code to suggest such a function is forthcoming in the newest version of Gmail for Android.

The outlet insisted users will be able to choose between a range of different time frames when scheduling an email.

In particular, it was noted options ranging from two minutes in the future to under “50 years from now” were included.

Once an email has been scheduled, it was claimed the send request would be delivered to the cloud.

This means an email that has been scheduled should be delivered at the time set even if the user’s device is not connected to the internet.

9to5Google also stated users will be able to cancel emails that have been scheduled.

However, this will require an internet connection.

It was declared any scheduled messages that are cancelled will be reverted to a draft.

While code in the newest version for Gmail on Android has hinted a scheduling feature is forthcoming, it is worth noting it is currently unclear when the feature will debut.

Microsoft Outlook already has a similar system for scheduling emails.

When composing an email, if the user selects the “more options” button from the tags group, they are able to harness a “delivery options” tab.

This will let fans choose the time and date they want the message to be delivered.

Until the email is sent, it will remain in the user’s outbox folder.