Here it is, Tesla’s Model Y and it looks… pretty much like we expected it to.


Well, we’ve been anticipating it for a couple of years now and finally Tesla’s Model Y has been unveiled to the public. The Model 3-based crossover SUV is pretty much what we expected. It’s a little bit of Model X (including an optional third row of seating) minus some of the fancier gimmicks plus a whole lot of Model 3 DNA.

As Musk announced via Twitter recently, Model Y pricing starts at around 10 percent over what a comparably-equipped Model 3 does while offering a useable range of approximately 300 miles. This works out to a $39,000 standard range model which Musk says is due in 2021 and a long range model which will cost $47,000 and go on sale in fall, 2020. What you get in trade is a slightly more family and cargo-friendly shape and the smug satisfaction of knowing you’ve got the newest Tesla on your block, and being based on the Model 3, that new Tesla will undoubtedly be pretty quick as seen below.

The success or failure of Model Y could make or break Tesla. If the vehicle appeals to buyers who hadn’t previously been interested in a sedan like the Model 3 but couldn’t afford a Model X, then it’s all gravy. Of course, that also depends on whether Tesla is able to decide officially where to build it and if it can build it without the quality issues it suffered with Model 3.

However, if Tesla isn’t able to deliver on its promises or the vehicle ends up sharing much less in terms of parts content with Model 3, then it could go very badly, though based on aesthetics alone, that doesn’t look to be an issue. Remember though, that when Model X was announced, it was supposed to share a bulk of its parts with Model S but ended up only sharing around 30 percent.

In any case, now we live in a world where Elon Musk has lived out his “S3XY” fantasy and made us all his accomplices in it. We’re looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the Model Y just as soon as we can pry one away from the folks at Tesla, but until then, keep an eye on Roadshow for more Model Y news as it happens.



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