Dan Walker: BBC Breakfast host embroiled in spat as he addresses New Zealand shooting

Dan Walker, 41, took to Twitter to respond to journalist Sophie Walker, 47, after she called for a time “male violence is recognised as the single biggest threat to peace”. In view of her 40,000 followers, she wrote on the micro-blogging site: “Please let there come a time when male violence is recognised as the single biggest threat to peace and tackled accordingly. “My heart goes out to the victims and families and everyone affected by the disgusting act of Islamophobic terrorism in #Christchurch.” The BBC Breakfast host then responded to her and his 556,000 fans: “Not sure now is the right time to make this about gender Sophie.”

A social media user then replied to Dan stating: “I really like & respect you Dan Walker, but gender is a relevant subject when the overwhelming majority of shootings & terror attacks are perpetrated by men. I don’t think she’s wrong to raise this.”

The TV host replied: “There is a debate to be had but I’m not sure three hours after a mass murder is the right time. What do I know?

“I may be wrong, but I think compassion and sorrow come before a lecture.”

Sophie then retweeted a post from a different user after she said was being “trolled” following the BBC host’s tweet.

They referred to the WEP founder’s original tweet, and said: “So what you’re saying is all men are bad because some men are terrorists.”

To which she replied: “NOT what I’m saying. You need to get past your defensiveness & privilege – as demonstrated by men like @mrdanwalker who urges his hundreds of thousands of followers to troll me rather than consider that most violence IS done by men & talking about what we could do about it.”

Dan took the opportunity to respond again admitting it was not his intention to “insult” her.

He posted: “Hi Sophie. I’m sorry if anyone is insulting you. That was never my intention. I ‘urged’ no one. I responded to your tweet rather than quote it &, I think, in a measured fashion. I’m not saying there isn’t a valid debate to be had but just that compassion should come b4 a lecture.”(sic)

She responded stating Dan should be aware of his large platform and “male trolls will attack”.

She fired back: “Dan you have 555k followers. You tweet from a big platform with a big voice.

“When you make a claim against a feminist that sex is not relevant you should know male trolls will attack. If more men with your privilege & position said mine was a valid point we might get somewhere.”(sic)

However, the morning show host continued with his first position saying he would be happy to have a debate but it was not the right time “when people are mourning the loss of family members and friends just hours ago”.

Sophie finished: “Ok Dan. Come back to me when it’s the right time to confront the death toll, that grows every day, that is disproportionately the result of male action. Women in particular are waiting.

“I’ll just carry on muting the threats I’m now getting as a result of your defensiveness.”

Dan replied: ‘Sophie…I ‘urged’ no one. I responded to your tweet which I thought was poorly timed. I have not insulted you & those who have are fooligans.

“I have not questioned the relevance of your point merely the timing. Let’s talk another time.”(sic)

This comes after it was reported a gunman opened fire at a mosque while live streaming the attack.

At least 49 people were killed in the mass shooting with more than 40 wounded following the unsuspecting incident.

source: express.co.uk